Green Season!

It’s the season of green!  With new grass, plants and trees sprouting their new leaves, people are removing winter’s remnants and busy tending to their yards.  A beautiful yard is a badge of honor to most new homeowners, but achieving lasting results does take some work.  Here are some homeowner tips to help you achieve a lush, green yard:

Watering Your Lawn:
When the rainy season just isn't rainy enough, supplemental watering is required to maintain a healthy lawn.  Most types of grass need around 1 inch of water per week to keep it alive, healthy and growing.  Also, the best time to water your lawn is from dusk until dawn so that it has the ability to absorb the water without the sun stealing it.  Keeping your yard watered consistently will not only keep it healthy, but it can also help to keep it disease and pest free.  It’s also important to use a good fertilizer in conjunction with your watering routine.

Add New Landscaping:
Adding additional landscape elements to your yard is a great way to accent your new home with some color.  These colorful additions can also emphasize the exterior design features you've selected for your home.  Decide what works best to meet your aesthetic goals as well as the growing requirements of the plants you like.  Making sure that your plants receive the right amount of sun and water is important to their health.  Containers with plants and flowers or a wildflower garden are creative and easy ways to add visual interest to your yard.

Planting Trees:
When planting trees make sure you remember that your little seedling may grow into a mighty oak one day.  Providing trees and their root systems with room to grow will give you taller, hardier trees long-term.  Any landscape designs should provide adequate space away from your foundation to avoid any problems down the road as well as allow your plants ample space to reach full maturity.

These tips will help you achieve a beautiful yard for years to come.   Make sure to join the conversation with Crown Landscape on Facebook and Google + for more landscaping tips to keep you new yard looking great this season.  Happy planting!

Terrell Sprecher

Lethbridge, Canada