Mid Summer Nutrient Boosting


Now is the time for your mid-season fertilizing. Crown Landscape recommends our SuperGreen Formula application. We apply from Mid-July to Mid-August to take that browning out that is caused by this summers' non-stop heat.

This summer has been particularly dry and hot. Our region has had only 10 cm of rain this year so far and 7 cm of that was before July. We recommend a Daily Watering on days over 30C (86F), instructions for Daily Watering are provided to our very outstanding customers for free. It uses less water, more frequently, at cooler times during the day. This method ensures a tougher, daytime-heat resistant yard.

So be sure to Contact Us for more details on our SuperGreen Formula and watering schedules, we offer great programs and services for fertilizing that keep your yard looking its best! 

Terrell Sprecher

Lethbridge, Canada